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Workout of the day – Sunday June 20th

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Warm up
Row 30 Cal
3 Rounds;
10 KB Deadlift
10 KB high pull sumo deadlift
10 KB Swings

Alternating EMOM, 10 min:
10/arm bent over KB row
10/leg single leg KB RDL (contralateral – holding the KB in the hand opposite to the leg staying on the ground, eg. right leg on the ground, KB in left hand)

On a continuous running clock:
— From 0:00 to 5:00:
Row or ski 1,000/800m for time
— From 5:00 to 20:00:
For time:
Ab-mat situps
— From 20:00 to 25:00:
Row or ski 1,000/800m for time


A) 3 rounds:
10/arm half kneeling DB presses (DB in the opposite hand as the knee that is forward)
10 renegade row per arm
10 single DB front rack lunges

B) ” Fight gone bad” style, 3 rounds, 1min per station for max reps

1 Burpees
2 Flutter kicks
3 Row for calories
4 Box jumps overs
5 KB sumo deadlift high pulls
6 Rest