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Workout of the day – Tuesday April 9th 2024

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Warm up

2 min cardio machine of choice, then 3 rounds of:

6 alternating box step ups

6 double KB front rack squats

6 empty barbell behind the neck push presses

Front Squat

4×3 at 81% of 1RM front squat

Clean & jerks

4×3 at 80-85%


For time**:

30 clean & jerks 145/100 lbs

** Every minute, starting at 0:00, perform 15 double unders.

Time cap: 12 min

Note: scale to 25 single unders or 15 sec cap of double under attempts each minute. The load should not exceed 70% of your max.


Part A

Every 4 min for 4 rounds, complete, for quality:

16 double KB farmers lunges AHAP (increase from last week’s front rack lunges)

8 rower pike ups

8 double DB seated presses AHAP

8 per side single KB cleans

Part B

For time**: 10-9-8-…-2-1

Double DB power cleans 50/35 lbs

Burpees over DB

** Every 2 min, starting at 0:00, perform 30 double unders

Time cap: 16 min

Note: scale to 45 single unders or 20 sec cap of double under attempts time.