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Workout of the day – Tuesday January 16th 2024

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Warm up

3 rounds:

20 band pullaparts

15 wall or floor slides

10 PVC banded pull downs

10 hollow rocks

5 box jumps

Gymnastics stamina

10 min alternating EMOM of:

X pulling movement of choice (pullups for strength (strict, banded, ring rows…),

8 burpee box jumps over 24/20 in

Scaling: see notes for pullup options.

Guidance: pick a rep target you think you can hit for 5 rounds consistently, combined with the burpee box jumps. The goal is to maintain a consistent yet challenging volume of reps while fatigue builds up from the volume and the BBJOs.

Practice options:

Ring row pulling strength building

Kipping pull-ups with ab-mat between feet

Box assisted kipping or box assisted one-leg butterfly pullup – with a box set up so that your eyes are around the bar level when you are standing

Butterfly circles

Butterfly pullups

Low ring muscle up transition with feet on ground or box + ring/box dips (with or without band assist)


8 min AMRAP:

16 sumo deadlift high pulls 75/55 lbs

8 lateral burpees over BB

Goal: 5+ rounds


Part A

6 min AMRAP:

12 American KBS 24/16 kg

6 burpees over KB

— Rest 2 min

6 min AMRAP:

6 KB devil press 24/16 kg [1 burpee + 1 KB snatch]

6 box jumps 24/20 in

— Rest 2 min

6 min AMRAP:

6 KB goblet hold box step ups 24/16 kg, 24/20 in

6 KB sumo deadlift high pulls 24/16 kg

Part B

12 min alternating EMOM:

12 pullups [scale up to chest-to-bars or 6 muscle ups]

12 alternating plank extensions

20 plate truck drivers 25/15 lbs

12 weighted V-ups

Bodybuilding express

18 min alternating EMOM (3 rounds):

16 double KB farmer’s carry lunges AHAP (8/leg)

12 double DB shoulder presses

12 tempo weighted glute bridges (slow down, fast up)

16 alternating DB curls

8 weighted hanging knee raises

8 DB pullovers