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Workout of the day – Tuesday January 9th 2024

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Warm up

3 rounds:

5 inch worms with pushup

10 alternating plank extensions

10 cross-over jump ropes or 30 single jumps

Gymnastics stamina

10 min alternating EMOM of:

X handstand push-ups or scaling option

40 double unders

Handstand pushup scaling:

Pike pushups with feet on grounds

Pike pushups with feet or knees on box

Wall walks with nose to wall

Handstand kick to wall and hold

Handstand pushup negatives to no, 1 or 2 abmats

Kipping handstand pushups


For time:

45 thrusters 115/80 lbs

45 pullups

Time cap: 13 min

Scaling: Thrusters and pullups should be done in no more than 6 sets for each.


Part A

4 rounds for load:

8 double DB seated presses

8 tempo double DBs/plates seated front raises (tempo 3131)

16 plate situps

16 landmine rotations

Note: for landmine rotations, maintain straight arms, place a barbell in the corner of a mobile rack. DO NOT use a wall.

Part B

On a 15 min running clock:

— From 0:00 to 8:00:

8 rounds for time:

3 double DBs burpee deadlifts 50/35 lbs

4 double DBs thrusters 50/35 lbs

5 pullups

— From 8:00 to 10:00: rest

— From 10:00 to 15:00:

For time:

50 cal machine of choice (row/bike/ski)

Bodybuilding express

20 min alternating EMOM (4 rounds):

6 DB Arnold presses

6 weighted handing knee raises (DB held between feet)

12 DB lateral raises

6/leg DB goblet hold Bulgarian split squats

12 bent over DB row