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Workout of the day – Tuesday March 12th 2024

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Warm up

6 min AMRAP:

6 Inchworm with Push-ups

6 alternating single dumbbell devil press

2 wall walks

Bench press

5×2 at 80% across


For time:


Clusters 95/65 lbs

Chest-to-bar pullups

Time cap: 13 min

Note: Chest to bars and clusters should be done in sets of 5-7. Prioritize the range of motion on the pullup when scaling. Ring rows are better suited than regular chin over bar pullups. Cluster = 1 squat clean into a thruster.


Part A

7 min AMRAP:


Double DB push presses 35/20 lbs

Double DB farmer’s lunges 35/20 lbs

— rest 2 min

7 min AMRAP:


Chest-to-bar pullups

Single KB thrusters 24/16 kg

Goal: Past the round of 20 on first AMRAP, past the round of 16 on the second AMRAP.

Part B

5 supersets:

16 alternating DB seesaw presses

8 tempo DB bench presses 3030

Build up on weight throughout, but the load should allow you to maintain the tempo

Time cap: 16 min

Bodybuilding express

20 min alternating EMOM (4 rounds):

10 DB bicep curls

16 double DB front rack lunges

10 double DB bench presses

10 weighted hanging knee raises

10 DB renegade rows (5 per side)