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Workout of the day – Tuesday March 26th 2024

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Warm up

6 min alternating EMOM:

6/arm single KB front rack lung steps

8 empty BB hang squat clean and jerks

12 alternating plank extensions

Front Squat

4×3 at 75% of 1RM front squat

Clean & jerks

5 singles at 80-90% of C&J 1RM


3 rounds for time:

8 front squats 165/115 lbs

12 single DB shoulder to overheads 50/35 lbs (6 per arm)

16 burpees

Time cap: 10 min

Note: this is a fast workout. You should be able to keep all sets UB, and move fast through the burpees. Adjust the load accordingly


Part A

Every 4 min for 4 rounds, complete, for quality:

20 plate hold cossack squats (scale with lunges)

20 plate V-ups

10 double KB front rack squats AHAP

10 double KB push presses AHAP

Part B

For time:

30-20-10 reps of:

Alternating DB snatches 50/35 lbs

DB goblet squats 50/35 lbs

Alternating single DB clean & jerks 50/35 lbs

Time cap: 15 min

Bodybuilding express

20 min alternating EMOM, performed as 40 sec work, 20 sec rest/transition, rotate through the following movements for max reps:

Double DBs Romanian deadlifts

DB Arnold presses

Double DBs jumping lunges (DBs held farmer’s style – light enough to enabled jumping)

Double DB flyes

KB goblet hold wall sit

Note: the weight should be very challenging to work continuously for 40 sec (i.e. you should not be able to keep the 40 sec unbroken). There are a total of 4 rounds at each station.