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Workout of the day – Tuesday November 28th 2023

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Warm up

3 rounds:

5 inch worms with pushup

10 alternating bird dogs

10 alternating scales

5 per side single KB deadlifts

Deadlift & press (25 min)

Every 3 min for 6 rounds, perform:

5 shoulder presses – work up to a heavy set

5 deadlifts at 70% across

Note: both movements done in the same 3 min interval

Conditioning (12 min)

Every 3 min for 3 rounds, each for time:

4 ring muscle ups

8 handstand pushups

12 power snatches 75/35 lbs

Goal: All movements unbroken and each round completed in ~90 sec

Scaling: sub the muscle ups for 4 ring rows + 4 dips (rings or box), and adjust the handstand pushups to keep the sets unbroken (lower volume or scaling movement). Scaling movements: pike pushups with feet on ground or box.


Part A

15 min alternating EMOM:

10 per arm half kneeling DB single arm presses

20 alternating KB plank pull-throughs

10 double KB deadlifts AHAP

Part B (19 min)

For max reps:

Tabata ski for calories

— rest 1 min

Tabata pushups

— rest 1 min

Tabata American KBS 24/16 kg

— rest 1 min

Tabata alternating DB snatches 50/35 lbs

Tabata: 8 rounds of 20 sec work for max reps, 10 sec rest.

Bodybuilding express

4 rounds for quality and load, starting a round every 5 min:

10 strict hanging knee raises (weighted if possible)

10 strict pullups or 10 weighted ring rows

10 double DB curls

10 double DB Bulgarian split squats per leg (Farmer’s style)

10 double DB front raises