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Workout of the day – Tuesday October 31st 2023

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Warm up

2-3 rounds (6 min cap):

10 “90/90”

10 empty bar thrusters

5 broad jumps

1 wall walk

Back squat

5×5 “jumping” back squat at 30%

Note: Perform each rep with an attempt to jump on the way up.


For time: 1-2-3-…-9-10

Handstand pushups

Alternating single DB hang snatches 50/35 lbs


Time cap: 16 min

Note: adjust the handstand pushups, volume or scaled option, so that you can complete each set unbroken


Part A

4 rounds for load:

6/leg single leg KB RDL

12 unbroken wall balls AHAP

6/leg cossack squats

Time cap: 14 min

Part B

16 min AMRAP:

10 V-ups

10 cal row

8 V-ups

10 alternating DB snatches 50/35 lbs

6 V-ups

— rest 30 sec before starting the next round

Bodybuilding express

20 min alternating EMOM, performed as 40 sec work, 20 sec rest/transition, rotate through the following movements for max reps:

DB seated shoulder presses

Lying DB pullovers

Double DBs lunges (DBs held farmer’s style)

Double DB flyes

Tempo weighted glute bridges (slow down, fast up)

Note: the weight should be very challenging to work continuously for 40 sec (i.e. you should not be able to keep the 40 sec unbroken). There are a total of 4 rounds at each station.