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Workout of the day – Wednesday August 25th

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Warm up

2 min foam rolling on lower back and glutes

2 min coach stretch (1 min per leg)

then, run 1 lap around the block (1/3 of a mile)

Back squat stamina


A. Back squat – 4×16, increasing

B. 20 broad jumps

— rest ~90s between supersets – Can you hold onto the same weight as last week?



12 chest-to-bar pullups

12 shoulder-to-overhead 115/75 lbs

Time cap: 14 mins


Part A

For time:

100-100-100 double unders or 150 single unders

30-20-10 double KB shoulder to overheads

30-20-10 double KB front rack lunges

** the rep scheme for the jump rope is the same for all 3 rounds, but decreases for the KB movements

Time cap: 20 min

Part B

3 rounds for time:

run 400m

25 situps