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Workout of the day – Wednesday January 18th

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Warm up

2 rounds of:

10 empty barbell hang squat cleans

10 alternating single arm DB thrusters

5 box step ups per leg

then take 5 min to warm up your squat cleans (KB or BB)


30 min alternating EMOM:

14 toes to bars

14 alternating DB snatches

4 squat cleans 155/105 lbs or 6 double KBs squat cleans 24/16 kg

8 burpees box jumps over

14 wall balls 20/14 lbs

Scaling: Each movement should take 45 sec or less. Adjust the set volume so that you can complete the toes-to bars in 2 sets or less. Snatches should be UB and take ~35/40 sec. Wall balls must be UB, adjust weight and/or volume to get a challenging set.