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Workout of the day – Wednesday July 6th

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Warm up

400m run, then:

2 rounds of:

5 KB halo each way

10/arm KB push presses

15 KBS


30 min alternating EMOM (5 rounds):

18/15 cal ski

12 double KB push presses 24/16kg

12 box jumps all the way over 24/20 in

8 deadlifts 225/155 lbs or 16 double KB deadlifts 24/16 kg

18 American KBS 24/16 kg


Note: sub the box jumps with jumps over stacked crash pads if the box is too high or wide for you.

Mobility (10 min)

45 sec per side low dragon stretch

30 sec per side lying glute stretch

2 min child pose (middle, right and left arm positions)

1 min per side pigeon stretch