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Workout of the day – Wednesday June 12th 2024

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Warm up

2 rounds:

5/side thoracic extensions

10 plate Da-Vinci raises

5/leg high box steps up

10 KBS (medium load)


For time:

Buy-in: 1,000m run (2 laps around the block)

then, 2 rounds of:

50 alternating single DB cleans 50/35 lbs

40 burpees

30 pistols

20 American KBS 24/16 kg

10 handstand pushups

then, buy-out: 1,000m run

Time cap: 40min

Scaling: Scale the pistols with either curtsy squats or alternating lunges.

Handstand pushups can be scaled to regular pushups or pike pushups.

The run should not take more than 5:30. Shorten the distance if you believe you will not be able to run a km under 5min 30 sec.

Power lifting

Warm Up

2 rounds

:25sec Chin Over Bar Hold

5 Down Dog/Seal Pose

10 Scap Pull-Ups

20 Alternating V-Ups

Level Descriptions

Level 1: 0 Strict Pull-Ups

Level 2: 1-2 Strict Pull-Ups

Level 3: 3-5 Strict Pull-Ups

Level 4: 5+ Strict Pull-Ups

Pull-Up Strength

Every 90 seconds for 7 Rounds

Level 1: Negative Pull-Ups

5 Toe Assisted Pull-Ups

*Start each rep with shins on ground and hands on pull-up. Use to toes to assist to pull chin over bar.

Level 2: Negative Pull-Ups

5 Banded Negative Pull-Ups

*Each rep start by jumping to get chin above bar and control down till arms all locked out.

Level 3: Strict & Negative Pull-Ups

2 Strict Pull Ups + 3 Negative Pull-Ups (Banded if needed)

*Goal is to get to 5 reps with combo of both with at LEAST 1 Strict

Level 4: Weighted Strict Pull-Ups

3-5 Weighted Strict Pull-Ups

*Weight stays @ 6/10 RPE for all 5 Sets

*6/10 RPE = can do 4 more reps at that weight


AMRAP in 3 separate Tabatas (8 rounds of 20sec on/10sec off)

Ring Rows

-1 Min Rest –

Double KB Front Rack March (53/35)

-1 Min Rest –

Seated Banded PVC Lat Pull-Downs

*Dont Let go of PVC during break

Accessory Work

10 minutes for 2-3 Rounds

8 Strict Toes to Bar

5/arm Single KB Overhead Sit Up

Empty Barbell 21s

* 7 Bottom Half + 7 Top Half + 7 Full Range