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Workout of the day – Wednesday June 8th

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Warm up

3 rounds:

3 inch worms with pushups

6 single DB front raises (one hand on each bell)

9 per side single arm KBS


5 rounds for max reps, a starting a round every 7min 30 sec:

800m run

30 American KBS 24/16 kg

1 set of max bench press (barbell at 135/95 lbs or 2 DBs at 50/35 lbs

Note: this workout is for reps, maintain a slow pace on run and KBS (2 sets recommended), and aim to start your set of bench press about 60-90 sec before the end of the interval, ask for one of your partner for a spot of needed.

The run should be an recovery/slow pace, and take about 5 min.

Nothing else matter other than the number of bench presses in each round. You should hit double digits reps each round