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Workout of the day – Wednesday May 10th 2023

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Warm up

6 min AMRAP:

5 Cuban presses with light plates

5/arm single arm dumbbell bentover rows

5 burpees

5 ring rows

— then take 4 min to practice your handstand pushup/pushup option of the day.


2017 crossfit games regional even 1

For time, wearing a 20/14 lb weight vest:

1,200m run (2 laps around the block + the 200m track up and down from 85th to 86th on York ave.)

— then, 12 rounds of:

4 strict handstand pushups

8 chest to bar pullups

12 air squats

Time cap: 30 min

Note: The run should take 7 min or less, whether you are wearing a vest or not. The pushups should be tough and not necessarily unbroken sets. Today is the day to practice handstand pushups or your scaling option of choice. For chest to bar pullups, these should be done in 2 sets or less every round. Your goal is to finish in under 25 min.