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Workout of the day – Wednesday September 21st

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Warm up

Tabata jump rope: 8 rounds of 20 sec work, 10 sec rest – double under practice, single leg, high hops…

Then, take 6 min to warm up deadlift and sandbag hold


30 min alternating EMOM, with 40 sec work, 20 sec rest/transition:

Max assault bike calories (Goal: 13/10+)

Max deadlifts (BB: 225/155 lbs, 2xKBs: 24/16 kg) (Goal: 10+)

Max Row calories (Goal 12/10+)

Max Sandbag bear hug hold OR Max double KB front rack march steps 24/16 kg)

Max ski calories (Goal 12/10+)

Max plate ground to overheads 45/35 lbs (Goal: 14+)

Mobility – Time permitting

Coach’s choice